Has anyone used the new Innuos 2.0 Sense music app? Compared it to Roon?

I compared the two as I am a lifetime Roon customer.  I prefer the sound of the new Innuos Sense music app.  More natural and less electronic or digital sounding.  Not day and night, but better. My big issue is Innuos Sense does not seem to keep playing music, like Roon, when the album is complete.  Roon had a Radio switch that played artists similar to the artist as a continuous stream and I loved it.  Heard many new artists I loved this way.  
Anyone know if Innuos Sense has a similar setting? I can’t seem to find it. 
I also love my Innuos Sense 2.05 thru my statement. Needed to get usb cable to my Vivaldi dac(was using Network Bridge with Ethernet direct). Even with mid level Audioquest carbon usb, huge improvement. Beat sound ever from my system. Still trying to learn more ease of software, share other concerns regarding not able to transfer entire NAS, and no radio streaming feature. But for critical listening, this is a real winner.
I updated my Zen MKII to 2.0.5 late last week.  I have played with it a bit over the weekend and have to say the sound quality has improved to my untrained ears.  I do like the app, still working on navigating through it all and discovering all its features.  One of the features I like with Roon is Roon Radio as that is where I have discovered new music (to me) that I may never have stumbled across without it.  I hope Innuos has something similar in development.  Regardless I like 2.0 and do not think I will re-up Roon when my subscription expires in October.
I replaced my old Motorola surfboard modem/router with a Netgear Nighthawk on Sunday. This resolved the instabilty with the Sense app.Today I updated my older Zen Mini mk II to 2.0.5. No problems.The Sense app finds whichever server I have in the system.
How does it sound? Is v2.0 that good?

I'm still kicking around the old version trying to sort out my preamplifier problems.
Yes, 2.0 is better than 1.4.9. (I can't comment on Roon.)  It's a little difficult to quantify since I had to run it with the PC on until I replaced my router, and you can't go back to verify. However, what's easy to judge is the jump in SQ with the "offline" mode, since you can toggle it back and forth and listen to the same music. The total effect of going to 2.0 and offline is startling: lower noise floor, much improved fine detail and impact on transients, but with a more "relaxed" sound... voices are "breathier", more real across the board.