Has anyone used the new Innuos 2.0 Sense music app? Compared it to Roon?

I compared the two as I am a lifetime Roon customer.  I prefer the sound of the new Innuos Sense music app.  More natural and less electronic or digital sounding.  Not day and night, but better. My big issue is Innuos Sense does not seem to keep playing music, like Roon, when the album is complete.  Roon had a Radio switch that played artists similar to the artist as a continuous stream and I loved it.  Heard many new artists I loved this way.  
Anyone know if Innuos Sense has a similar setting? I can’t seem to find it. 
How does one access Squeezelite experimental for Roon? Is it something you need to download from an App Store, or is it available in Roon settings?
I have Zen Mk3 with Various Dacs with Roon.  I was reluctant to try the Innuos Sense App because it’s in its infancy/Possible interface issue’s etc and I have over 10k just Albums saved on Roon and got it to the setup I liked till Roon went to there latest iteration but that’s another conversation.  My beef wasn’t over Sonics.... but now it also is after hearing a big improvement in Sonic Quality with the new sense App.   I was expecting the opposite as I thought I had read guys favoring Roon .   I’ve only been on for a short time and will see if I continue to feel sense App has a sonic superiority to Roon.
Two points,
1. musicmann1- there are posts on this on various forums but I remember setting the Innuos to experimental mode and then in Roon selecting squeezlite  or squeezebox option.
2. Just downloaded 2.0.7- am I imagining Tidal sounds better?