Has anything changed with Grado cartridge re-tipping? No more Needle Doctor....

Hi everyone.....

I think I am starting to get a little inner-groove distortion on my Statement Sonata2. After some listening today I'll confirm. If so, I will want to re-tip/replace to a Sonata3 but maybe more likely a Master3.

I loved Needle Doctor that would send your new cartridge and give you one-two weeks to send back your old cartridge. It allowed for a faster, easier swap being able to instantly replace......minimal readjusting....or worse if you substitute in a different cartridge in the time it takes to get a replacement back!

Grado and Needle Doctor even allowed you to upgrade or downgrade in the line as your budget allowed.

So, Needle Doctor closed up their business....and an online search doesn't even bring up re-tip prices or mentions. I looked through Music Direct, Elusive Disc, Upscale Audio and other websites and finding no information on price or procedure for re-tip.

I will probably call Grado tomorrow....but does anyone have any recent experience?

Anyone know a dealer that does what Needle Doctor used to?

I have a local Grado dealer in Cincinnati that I would love to support, but last time they did a Grado re-tip for me (admittedly 15+ years ago)...they took 2-3 months (!) to get my cartridge back....which even back then should have been no more than a couple weeks tops.

The needle clinic is an excellent source for retipping. I sent a ZU Denon mc cartridge to them for retipping and suspension collapse and received it back within 7 business days and the price was very reasonable and less than Soundsmith. Soundsmith seems to have long lead times and you could be without cartridge for some time if you go that route.  
Why don’t you email to the Grado Labs in NYC ???
Why do you even think about third-party re-tipping if you can service your cartridge with Grado Labs (original manufacturer) ?
My fifth paragraph mentions that I will probably call Grado tomorrow.
But today being Sunday.....was hoping someone knew of a Grado dealer that had a Grado replacement procedure like Needle Doctor had.

The third-party retipping are other people’s suggestions.

Also.....there seems to be a lack of pricing/availability of retipping on any of the websites....Music Direct, Elusive, LP Gear etc.

Oh....and I did write to MusicDirect yesterday, because I thought they would be the most likely candidate to take over for Needle Doctor. But no response yet.
You have to call Grado and they will tell you who is the official dealer in your area if they can’t accept your cartridge from you directly. A third-party re-tipping is nonesence (especially for Grado MI). 
I am pretty sure that Grado will take an exchange towards a new cartridge like the Needle Doctor!