has BAT priced itself out of the market?

I'm a big fan of BAT equipment and have used and loved their equipment over the years. My concern is that with the introduction of their REX series they may have lost their position in the "sweet spot" for most realistic and accessible products. I owned VK60 at $4500 which was reasonable for performance/ fit and finish. Now new REX amps goin for $40k and are basically same 60w-75w amps with enhanced driver tubes and upgraded capacitors. The appeal of BAT to me was always the look and sound of the product. It seems with the introduction of REX the looks have changed slightly, the sound has improved relatively but the price has increased ASTRONOMICALY!!!?? Also, not seeing their products showcased at as many high end shows anymore?? Does anyone else feel the same??
Jafant, I have had the REX 1 preamp for close to 7 years and love it. I am very glad I bought it when I did. Also, BAT's customer support is excellent.

Regarding BAT's prices, in comparison to similar products out there BAT products are fairly priced.

many thanks! for the honest reply. What other gear is in your system? Keep me posted and happy listening!
I sold all my BAT gear when you had to join the $7000.00 club to be a member. They are not unique in pricing. When the Italian company bought ARC there was an interview with the head designer and he stated that the market had moved into the "luxury" niche market. Astute from a survivalist perspective, certainly not supportive for those of us that enjoy good clean playback for less than the price of house. We either buy used, change to a brand that supports a less elite approach or keep what one has acquired and enjoy the music.
I'll stick with my factory modded Jolida...sounds great and sort of tells the rest of audio to "pound sand."
Hello Jafant.

Yes, I owned the original REX preamp since the very beginning and had BAT upgrade it to the REX 2. I've had the biggest dumb smile on face now for almost a year now!