has BAT priced itself out of the market?

I'm a big fan of BAT equipment and have used and loved their equipment over the years. My concern is that with the introduction of their REX series they may have lost their position in the "sweet spot" for most realistic and accessible products. I owned VK60 at $4500 which was reasonable for performance/ fit and finish. Now new REX amps goin for $40k and are basically same 60w-75w amps with enhanced driver tubes and upgraded capacitors. The appeal of BAT to me was always the look and sound of the product. It seems with the introduction of REX the looks have changed slightly, the sound has improved relatively but the price has increased ASTRONOMICALY!!!?? Also, not seeing their products showcased at as many high end shows anymore?? Does anyone else feel the same??
"09-26-14: Joman
I sold all my BAT gear when you had to join the $7000.00 club to be a member. They are not unique in pricing."

You're right about that. To be fair to BAT, prices on everything has gone up. Its not necessarily BAT, or whoever is just being greedy, the value of our money (US dollar) has been going down in recent years. A lot. A dollar today isn't worth what it used to be just a few years ago. With conditions like this, prices must go up.
09-26-14: Schubert
In the USA there is little supply and demand pricing in general, from real estate to food its a what the market will bear economy.
What the market will bear is supply and demand.
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tell me more about the upgrade from REX to REX II.
Anyone else here using a REX/REX II ?
If so, feel free to describe the ways it transformed your system. Keep me posted & happy listening!