Has Nordost forgotton who pays the bills?

Recently I was entertaining the thought of purchasing a pair of used Nordost Heimdall 2 rca Interconnects from a private owner online. Prior to purchasing the cables I did a bit of research on Audiogon to see if anyone had any issues with counterfeit cables. I found no real issues but did read that if contacted Nordost would authenticate the serial numbers on the cables to verify that they were the genuine article. Well, I did contact Nordost and much to my chagrin I was met with the following response from Nordost:

"Due to the overwhelming requests to validate serial numbers for cables being purchased on the used market we are no longer able to offer that service. Serial number verification requests can only be requested by authorized dealers/distributors for cables involved in trade in/up requests"

My curiosity got the best of me so I contacted my local dealer that I have been doing business with for years. I was told by the associate that "He did not have access to this information"  Long story short, I bought the cables and I do believe that they are genuine. But the larger issues is that it seems Nordost has gotten too big for its britches. Lets not forget that without consumer there would be no Nordost. The response from them seems so snobbish, not customer friendly or client centered.  Most audiophiles are aware that cables have the greatest mark up of any other audio product. Given that and the already overly inflated price for Nodost cables you would think the company would at least give the hint that they care for their customers. Used cables are truly a bargain and my be an introduction to the brand. I digress. My goal with this post is merely to inform folks that if you are considering used Nordost cables and are looking for then to authenticate your potential purchase, well forget about it. They ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO OFFER THAT SERVICE! 

Stay well, Stay safe, Stay home and listen to tunes.


As competitive as the niche, high end audio market is, customer service is absolutely essential.
Quite true.
But you have to be a customer first.
Also, if a cable can be counterfeited to the point of it being visably indistinguishable from an authentic one, what is so hard about copying an authentic serial number?
Surely the only way to truly identify a counterfeit is to inspect its internal make up. 

What Mark wrote is actually a good test.

I called Devore before buying his speaker used locally.

He was a gentleman and helped me with all of my questions.

It only took him 5 minutes, but I will sing his praises forever.
For what it is worth I have been a Transparent customer for 24 years now, holly crap 24 years....but I can attest they have provided me outstanding customer service over the years. 

While I understand they are not for everyone, I have always dug how the cables work in my system. 
Once I had 3m long Odin ic, bought at authorised dealer. Wrote to Nordost, asking for factory retermination (for shorter lengths). This was the answer I got (if I am not mistaken, other cables can be reterminated in factory)

’Unfortunately, since most Nordost cables are
mechanically tuned for optimum performance, adjusting
the cable length will compromise
the performance. In the event that you require shorter
cables, we suggest that you visit your local Authorized
Nordost Dealer who may be able to accept a trade of your existing product and supply you with the necessary lengths."

Needless to say, never I would buy new Nordost product...