Has Rel fallen out of favor with audiophiles?

I own a Rel Storm 3. which I've had for 10 yrs or so. My new hardwood floor has really opened things up, especially in the bass area. much more pronounced bass and excellent sound stage.  I was planning on upgrading my sub after completing the floor. My Rel Storm 3 is pushing at its max to keep up in a 5k+ cu ft  room. Ten yrs ago the Storm 3 was one of the best on the market. It integrates very wall into the 2 channel system. Now, there is SVS, Rhythmic, PSA  etc which have much better specs than the Rels for less $$$. But the question for me is whether they actually integrate with the main speakers as well as the Rel? I use mine  for music 95% of the time. Music doesn't need to plumb the 16hz range as much as HT does. And most of the reviews seem to come from HT sources, IE AVS forum and the various HT magazines. From what I can tell, then Rhythmic seems to cater to the audiophile more than HT. But how about a sealed  SVS ?. And will they both integrate as well as the Rel with the high level speakon input? 

So, for audipophiles, do you sacrifice the ultra low hz for the good integration of the Rel? Or do you go with then SVS, Rhythmic, etc with their lower octave output? IOW, do the integrate as well?
Thanks for your help

I run two current version REL S5's in a 2ch only system and the results are amazing, they totally disappear and help create a much richer fuller sound in my room.  Night and day compared to before I brought them in.  :o) 
May be "over-thinking" it a bit. The REL T or S series subs are great for music... if... properly set up and integrated.

And... yes... A DAP or EQ (e.g. DSpeaker Anti-mode 2.0, etc.) with automated frequency analysis / set up is invaluable to eliminate the room interaction and "room boom," which virtually all subs / mids produce, without using sound panels and bass traps. Makes a huge improvement in clarity and sound quality - unless you’re into hip-hop car audio.
REL's are the top choice amongst 2 channel and accurate theater reproduction. 2 REL 212's would be amazing so will the new REL No 25.
Using a pair of T9i RELs, connected via their high level Neutrik cabling. Corner placement per REL instruction.
These are the first subs I have auditioned that I can actually stand to listen to because they integrate so seamlessly with my Dynaudio floorstanders. 
With my room gain, they measure flat to @ 22hz, but with visceral impact at 16 (I forget the measurement there).
They actually improve the imaging and lowest octave of my floorstanders, but I deviated from the REL guidance this way: I reduce the crossover point to the bottom of the Dynaudio's "flat down to" response (35hz), and increased the REL volume setting.
I am amazed at how well phasing works with the bottom octaves of the Dyn's - which is a significant problem with all other subs I have tried over the years.
Placement took a while - I used the Stereo Review test signals - but this was to get the loudest and most effective room coupling.
But with or without fine-tuning sub placement, integration with the mains was easy and surprisingly nice. Fine-tuning placement only extends the bass.
Other listeners comment that they are pleasantly surprised at the impact AND INTEGRATION of the sub. 2 channel or soundtrack.
They just augment and extend the bass, without calling attention to themselves.