Has Tweek Geek stop selling QSA products?

Looked on the Tweek Geek website and QSA products are no longer listed except on the ‘used’ page. Does anyone know why?


The ’quantum’ conditioning process that QSA uses comes out of the Hong Kong DIY audio scene.

The only difference between a $200 and $5000 QSA fuse is the amount of time the fuse is left on the cooker. Same with all their other products, its the same item with 7 different colored labels to denote the increased conditioning time.

The secret sauce needs to be released so the audio scene can do it themselves, build their own cookers, instead of paying 10k, 12k, 18k for a conditioned power cable.

The QSA Lanedri line is just them openly using known audiophile brand products, like Sablon audio power cables, and applying their quantum cooker to it.


If it works then it is worth it.  I don't disagree that it would be nice if they released the technique / secret sauce to the audio public, but then their enterprise would go away.  I have some Hijiri Power cords that cost $5k.  Some of the QSA cords are less expensive and I have not ordered any yet but plan to.  

According to QSA Lanedri lower quality cables respond best to their conditioning process.

They use whole ready built cables such as Blue Jeans and Sablon.

However Tweek was making his own cables so he could have a cooker or know the technique.

I am watching with extreme interest.