Has Your Hobby Changed?

I have found that in the last couple of years my audiophile hobby has changed. It started with gear, then the focus shifted to the room and now I’m where I was headed at the start, listening to the music. It’s been a long road to audio nirvana but I wouldn’t change a thing. Every step of the process was interesting, enlightening and enjoyable. I’m looking forward to years of listening pleasure. To everyone on this platform that answered my questions and made suggestions, thank you for your help. It is appreciated.  Enjoy the music everyone!


Retired. 6 Saturdays and 1 Sunday. I'm listening on every day that ends with day. Happy listening 🎶

I'm 4 years past retirement, so I already have made the switch. More than the retirement effect, the getting the house of stereo built and properly acoustically treated, followed by multiple equipment upgrades to best take full advantage of the listening room potential has kept me so busy along with all the other homeowner's chores that retirement has not quite sunk in yet. And I"m not sure it ever will even so the audio journey has reached its goal. Definitely able to purely dive into music anymore and no longer having to analyze sound. That right there is worth all the effort I have put in my endeavor.

It's too bad that I can no longer update my system on this site since I must have reached maximum input. No more "edit" showing lol. I am too lazy to start a new one plus since I got where I want to be, it somehow doesn't seem as important anymore. Thanks to all those who have helped me get there. 

Good discussion, nice way to end this special memorial weekend.

Not having to work enables a simple statement:

if the mood strikes you, every night is Saturday night.

@moonwatcher  luckily I still have my hearing. I was recently tested and I am still hearing everything I should, we’ll I do as long as I keep my left ear clear of wax. I am about the same as you as far as gear cost, but then I have another 5K in room treatments. The investment was well worth it. I have a great chair and it really is a great experience to be able to listen to the music now. There really are good and bad recordings and that is all I have to remind myself now. Better gear isn’t going to fix it! I’m 61 and still rocking!

@baclagg good for you. I top out now at 12,500KHz and have 8000Hz tinnitus.  But I still keep listening as often as I can. I'm sure the room treatment was worth it. The godawful sound from very expensive gear at audio shows is indicative of how much we perceive is colored by the room, and usually not in a good way. Happy listening!