Has Your Hobby Changed?

I have found that in the last couple of years my audiophile hobby has changed. It started with gear, then the focus shifted to the room and now I’m where I was headed at the start, listening to the music. It’s been a long road to audio nirvana but I wouldn’t change a thing. Every step of the process was interesting, enlightening and enjoyable. I’m looking forward to years of listening pleasure. To everyone on this platform that answered my questions and made suggestions, thank you for your help. It is appreciated.  Enjoy the music everyone!


Much the same here too. I have converted from analog to digital over the years, mostly for convenience. My Oracle turntable has been replaced by an Apple Airport Express streaming lossless, and I love it. The DAC's are so much better than the ones from the 80's. I find I'm listening to the music now and not the equipment IYKWIM. Loving my system!

Congratulations on the retirement, it may take a bit to slow down, it took me a few months just to get my stride. Been retired for a few years now, still work sometimes but that has slowed as well. I have re-investing in my music hobby since my retirement (the need to work sometimes to pay for it!) and am reasonably happy with my system now as reconfigured, mostly tubed system, my need for better quality was apparent as my listening sessions (2 to 3 hours per session, usually daily), showed I had some deficiencies.  I enjoy both digital and my vinyl (but lean to the vinyl as having that holistic quality). Before I retired my system was 40 years old and was mostly used in the background. The guitars and banjo's have also been in regular use in retirement. Music is a major part of my life in retirement and I couldn't be happier! Enjoy! 

@ boxcarman

Streaming has basically changed everything both for audio and video. Qobuz has been awesome and Netflix, Paramount Plus ...gets it done 'pretty well' on the video side. I've been in and out of retirement for the last 15 years, but finally settling down to enjoy these systems more than ever before. Most recent changes have been to recable and add room acoustic elements with which I am amazed. My wife and I reside in NW Wyoming near Yellowstone Park. Lots to do and be thankful for. Nice to have this hobby especially when it's cold, windy and snowy here in the Shoshone Valley which was especially true this past winter. Starlink has been a necessary element in the mix as well.


I must say I too have been on your same journey with the only difference being I have enjoyed the music during to whole journey. For me it has never been about the system first. Music has always been first. Have I found more enjoyment as the system got better. You bet I have but I still enjoyed the hell out of the music through my Sansui 7070 and Bose 901’s even listening to fm radio. Think the big plus is when a significant system upgrade makes all the old music sound brand new again. It’s a fun ride and always enjoy the music!