Has Your Hobby Changed?

I have found that in the last couple of years my audiophile hobby has changed. It started with gear, then the focus shifted to the room and now I’m where I was headed at the start, listening to the music. It’s been a long road to audio nirvana but I wouldn’t change a thing. Every step of the process was interesting, enlightening and enjoyable. I’m looking forward to years of listening pleasure. To everyone on this platform that answered my questions and made suggestions, thank you for your help. It is appreciated.  Enjoy the music everyone!


@pooch2 Does the banjo have a resonator or is it open-backed? Your answer is extreeeeemly importnat!!!!😁 As for me, it's an open-backed one as, despite the fact I both frail and claw-hammer, resonator banjos just weigh too much and the finger picks are just too much of a hassle.

I usually play with the resonator installed, but I agree it's heavy. I play sitting down with the banjo in my lap so it's not so bad. I also use finger picks with the banjo but don't use a pick at all with the guitar, go figure.

pooch2 -- Xlnt! And we can call ourselves the ABC, the Audiogon Banjo Cabal...