Hattor Audio preamps?

Got my eye on one of these. And yes, my system is passive friendly. I've had resistor based passives before, as well as transformer, autoformer and LDR preamps. So I know I like the sound quality which can be had with a passive. Anyone out there have any experience with the Hattor stuff?



I don't, but coincidentally I was just in contact with a fellow who owned one and he was quite impressed with his. Nice wood case, too.

They certainly do look the part. If I buy, I will be ordering with the AMRG Trans resistors. It appears that you get a lot for your $$.



His had the Vishay, so the one your eyeing should sound even better.

And they really do appear quite reasonable for what you get.

Cool logo, too!

I was quite happy with my dual mono, balanced unit. Unfortunately, it presented an Impedance mismatch. He sells a buffer that would have resolved it, but I didn't want to risk installing myself. Extremely well made