Hattor Audio preamps?

Got my eye on one of these. And yes, my system is passive friendly. I've had resistor based passives before, as well as transformer, autoformer and LDR preamps. So I know I like the sound quality which can be had with a passive. Anyone out there have any experience with the Hattor stuff?



I have owned most every type of passive device. In my opinion, a TVC is the warmest of all. I wouldn’t say it has more body, but definitely a warmer sound while still retaining the transparency of a passive. TVCs aren’t quite as transparent as an LDR or resistor based passive.

The Hattor is the first resistor passive I have liked. Mine has the AMRT resistors from AMT Trans. Similar to the AMRG but according to Arek, even better. I am pairing it with an Aric Super 300B amplifier and the result is to my liking. I feel like I get all the goodness of the 300B tube with incredible transparency.

The Hattor Audio Big passive is a stone cold bargain IMHO.



I had the Hattor Big passive, and loved it, but got a great deal on Audio Alchemy DDP-1 + PS 5, which includes a very good dac, so I sold the Hattor

I own the totl Luminous Audio, 3 in, 2 out, single ended, with remote volume, and it has been the most neutral of all passives I have tried, including many of those mentioned above. My best, MrD.

Earlier this year, I owned the icOn 4PRO AVC balanced passive preamplifier that uses four Slagle autoformer volume control modules. It was seductive in how the music was presented with the warmth described by @ozzy62 coming from a dead quiet background. I really enjoyed listening to it, and the Django TVC, if at all similar, may be just the thing for you. Ultimately, I slightly preferred my Khozmo volume control/SMc Audio TLC Signature Buffer slightly better, so I sold the icOn AVC unit.

I have not spoken with Arek since earlier this year and I am a bit surprised to hear he would recommend the AMRT resistors over the AMRG version. Both are carbon film but the AMRG appears to be Amtrans Corp’s more upscale version based on their higher pricing, gold-plated OFC lead wire, and description as "High-end carbon resistor." The AMRG resistors sound better to me than the Takman REY metal film resisters I had in an earlier Khozmo passive volume control. I have not heard the Takman REX or AMRT resistors. I suggest doing some research and talking with Arek before deciding on resistors.