Hattor Audio preamps?

Got my eye on one of these. And yes, my system is passive friendly. I've had resistor based passives before, as well as transformer, autoformer and LDR preamps. So I know I like the sound quality which can be had with a passive. Anyone out there have any experience with the Hattor stuff?



Brilliant - I had a feeling someone here would know! :-)

If I opted for the Khozmo dual-mono passive, what resistor arrangement would you recommend?   It would be paired with my Quad IIs and driving Decware HR-1s from a vinyl source. Rplacing the existing Audio Synthesis Passion Ultimate (passive Pre).

I'm more about musicality and soundstaging than clinical detail.

Many thanks!

I believe they still offer SMD Vishay, Amtrans AMRT or AMRG, and Takeman REX (carbon) or REY (metal), at least in the Hattor line.  I suggest emailing Arek directly to discuss possibilities for your specific project. 

My first Khozmo passive had Takeman REY resistors and I later gravitated to AMRG resistors in my current Khozmo and two Hattor units. You may also want to look at this video and do some searches on resistors.