Hattor users - thoughts on Tube active stage?

Over the past year, I purchased a Khozmo passive unit and then later a Hattor passive/active preamp to provide a remote volume control and display to use with my SMc Audio unity gain buffer. 

I am considering purchasing Hattor's stand alone tube active stage and I am curious to hear from Hattor users what you think of their tube stage and also your thoughts on how the tube stage sounds compared to running the unit passively or though one of the internal opamp active stages.  FWIW, my Hattor has Amtrans AMRG Carbon Film Resistors and the NewClassD discrete dual Ultimate Edition op amp active stage.



Wish you had gotten some responses to your post. 

Care to share your thoughts on your Hattor w/ the AMRG resistors? I am looking at possibly buying a Khozmo with them and Haven't been able to decide for sure. 


also, I just realized you are on another post and responded to me already 🤦‍♂️




Ask your question over on the other thread and I will post something over there about the Tube Active Stage, which I purchased after making this post in 2021.  I also just posted my thoughts about resistors on the other thread.