Have A Great Summer Everyone

Audiogon is a favorite winter activity for me. I thoroughly enjoy the tech talk, music gab, and all of the personalities that make this site so enjoyable. Even the bantering and bickering back and forth is interesting as it demonstrates the passion that most people feel for this hobby and for music in general.

Music is good for the soul.

I will be relocating to the Pacific coast later this summer after being born, raised, and having spent 45 years of my life here in Connecticut. I have many lifelong friends here that I will miss dearly. The winters are really starting to take their toll on me. I am an outdoor person, and spending six months out of every year stuck inside just ain't cuttin' it any longer.

So for now, I would like to wish eveyone on this site, and their families, a happy, healthy, and safe summer. And most importantly.....

Happy Listening.

I very much look forward to rejoining you all next "winter" (if that's what they call it in California).

My Best and Most Sincere Regards to ALL, Ed.
Take it easy Buscis2!

Look forward to seeing you this winter.

Enjoy the coast!
Take it easy Buscis2!

Look forward to seeing you this winter.

Enjoy the coast!

You're a wise man ... it has only taken you 45 years to do something for your joints and quality of life... good job. My wife has another 3 years to go, before she can call it a day with the Post Office and then, we are either southbound or westbound. I am only a year older than you, have had 3 spine fusion surgeries in the last 18 months, and can't wait to leave the NY winters behind me. Buy a good bike, a strong helmet, and an iPod ... you'll be all set.

Good luck ,

good luck,im with ya on the winter crap, 21 yrs construction & 40 michigan winters have done the same to me, 6 more yrs to go & ill be joining you in the sun.

have fun, mike.
Good luck with whatever your new endeavors are on the "Left" coast. I'll be leaving my present occupation of 31 years to make a change this year. It is thrilling and wish you the same excitement I'm going through.
Hi Ed,

We eagerly await your arrival out here in CA. I left the East coast fifteen years ago and never looked back. Let me assure you that the minute you cross the state line your going to feel ten years younger.

I still get a chuckle almost everyday when I walk outside and the temperture is just perfect (year round) no humidity, no rain, no snow. CAN WE TALK?

Oh and just for the record, I haven't felt a decent earthquake in over ten years, nor has it ever flooded anywhere around my house in the Santa-Cruz mountains.

Oh yea, I think your going to like it here! Did I mention the selection of fresh fruits and vegtables vine ripe in the groccery stores every day of the year? Get ready for some good healthy eating! There's just something about living here that makes you want to eat right and stay in shape,

Need I mention the eye candy?

Oh, and we don't smoke cigarettes out here, so get ready for some good fresh air when ever your in a resturant or a store, you will never smell that stench.

Anyway, we'll be hering from you soon, Let us know where you settle in
Welcome to California, Ed.
I left NYC 30+ years ago to come to California. I've lived in Northern Calif, Central Calif (near Yosemite) and now I'm living in Santa Barbara. Hey, where else can you go skiing in the mountains and swimming on the beach all within a few hours.
Welcome to America's favorite playground!
Even if you walk to Californie, you should be there before winter. Even if it is, you won't notice the difference. Yahoo huh!
I live on the Pacific coast also, unfortunatly it's in the Seattle area, born and raised. Too much grey and rain. I do manage to vacation for a week or two in Palm Springs every year and just love it.
At the rate I'm going however, I don't know if I'll ever be able to retire there. If I'd quite my Hi Fi habit, there might be some hope. I wonder if the Betty Ford clinic has a program for us? I'd better check into that, could be my way out.
When you get there, buy a laptop with a wireless connection and you can sit outside every day, and stay in touch with all us Audiogon nuts year round(is that one word or two?)
Best of luck in your new adventure.
Buscis: I hope that your relocation is smooth and uneventful. I can't imagine what it is like to pick up and move after being in one place for so long, let alone to the other side of the country. Besides all of the work involved, there's a lot of emotion to deal with too. I hope that it is well worth the effort and that you can take full advantage of the warmer climate once you're fully settled in. Best wishes and don't forget to pack your "bikini watching gear" : ) Sean
It was 83 degrees on the beach at noon today in Santa Cruz, not a cloud in the sky. I promise you will get used to it. Good luck in the move.
Hey Folks. Thanks for all of the great responses. I really feel very confident with this move. My Mom, and almost my whole family (aunts/uncles), have been out there for over 20 years. They are located in So. Cal. in Del Mar.

About five minutes from my Mom's home is a little area called Fairbanks Ranch/Rancho Sante Fe. It reminds me a lot of where I live in Connecticut (only in relation to the horse farms, not the 20 million dollar palatial estates). I would have to hit the lottery about three or four times in order to afford Fairbanks Ranch. But, if I could afford it, I would be there in a NY minute.

I live in a little Connecticut town called "Newtown". It was established in 1705, and is some of the only remaining unadulterated ares left in Fairfield county, which is the furthermost southeatern portion of CT.

I am on 7 acres, up on a hill, surrounded by 140 acres of cow pasture. It is truly God's country. There is not a single day that I awake and not Thank the powers to be for the beauty which surrounds me. Potions of Connecticut are absolutely stunning.

Unfortunately, changes abound. It is just not the same as I remember it to be, and needless to say, never will be. Development is a double edged sword. Because of our proximity to NYC, and the unaffordability of lower Fairfield county, encroachment is inevitable. The "New York energy" and fast pace is entering into the equation. Ultimately, the "New England Country Feel" is slowly diminishing creating a pace I don't particularly relish. Plus...the weather SUCKS!

I found a great little town in California about 15 miles inland in SanDiego county, called Temecula. It is probably some of the most beatiful but unusual landscape I have ever seen. A mixture of desert flora, and deciduous trees. Along with mountains, really cool rock outcroppings, and horse farms. Lots and lots of horse farms. I find a certain serenity in watching the cows and horses grazing. Hey, some people love watching the ocean. What can I tell ya'?

I was also going to mention the grazing sheep, but I figured I would be opening the door to a lot of verbal abuse and degradation. I'm already waiting for the farm animal jokes to start. I know how you guys can be. And that's one of the things I love most about this site. :>)

Thanks again for your responses, Ed.

Buscis2 look me up when you get out here and come over for a listen sometime I'm just up the road in Moreno Valley. Justin
Hi5harry, it was a little warm today wasn't it? About 86 at my home in the foothills. I was contemplating going for a walk on the beach in Santa Cruz (about ten minutes from my house) but i had to grout a tiled floor instead. Oh, well there's always next weekend :^)

It's 8:00 and the sun is going down I can feel it start to cool off now. It will drop about 20 degree's tonight and then it's sweet dreams. I'll tell you when the fog rolls in at night it's like a dream around here.

I remember the first time I visted San Fransisco it was early January and the weather was incredible. The trolly driver said you picked the perfect time of year. Much nicer than summer. I replied yea, not to hot. He said actually the summers are rather cold.

When you experience the fog bank in San Francisco it's like outdoor air conditioning in the summer. My kind of weather totally. And the people are so happy and... and... what's the word I'm looking for........
Glen: : )

This "we'll see you in a bit" ( no goodbye's allowed here ) thread in honour of Ed has turned out to be educational. I never knew that Frisco was "foggy" in the summer. I guess we can learn something on ANY thread to be found on Agon : ) Sean

There's a Mark Twain line that goes like this ... "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." I worked out there for a while about 12 years ago and I remember having to buy sweatshirts to wear during evenings in July.

Be well, Rich
Justin, you got it. I figured I would start a thread once getting settled in hopes of getting together with some of you folks. I tried it here. I was attempting to try it in a relaxed social setting like a dinner in a restaurant or something. Maybe even Mexican food and shots of Patron' Silver. (I love that stuff but don't drink very often).

I really love that whole area. I may even consider purchasing another dirt bike to really get the taste of the desert and wooded areas. I am aware that you need to proceed with caution in Cal as far as the whole off-road thing is concerned, but I respect that. Here in Ct. it is a dirt bike "free for all".

I will be in contact for sure. Maybe an evening of California Merlot, Vermont smoked cheddar, and Brazilian jazz guitar being played through French audio gear.

Or, there is a place in the center of Temecula called "Mad Madelyn's. It makes some of the absolute best burgers I have EVER had, as the owner raises all of the cattle on his own farm in Temecula.

Oops, I forgot. It's California. Maybe instead, a Tofu burger with some organic lettuce leaves, hybridized grape tomatoes, and a Mango/Kiwi smoothie?

Talk about diversity.
It is 55/48 rain as of now in Boston. For the first time in my life I'm envious of someone ;). If all goes well, I'll be heading to the West Coast myself after grad-school. I'm thinking San Fran because I'm in the financial industry, but would prefer somewhere even warmer. Good-luck with the move, and have fun. For sentimental values, will you be tying up those winter boots and throwing them on the electrical poles?
Sean here's another tid bit of information, They'll string you up on a pole in the center of town and flog you for refering to "you know where" as Frisco. It takes the joy right out of there little (what's the word) hearts

I'll probably get flogged just for typing it!

Anyway it was a blistering 90 degrees today, I went to Santa Cruz to get a Jamba Juice after work and the line was clear out the door.

I actually came home and had to run the air conditioning for a few hours till the sun went down, It's suposed to cool down by the weekend.

Please don't tell anyone about the AC (CA joke) Know one owns air conditioning out here except me, what can I say I was born on the East Coast :^)

If it hits 90 degrees that's it!

Say Ed, you should look into Satallite radio for the long drive. I bought the SIRUS service and really like it. You get a ton of great music with no commercials. They say you can listen to the same station all the way across the country. It's about $10.00 a month if you sign up for a year. I'm listening to it right now on my home system. Not bad!
I'm sorry to see you leaving our great state. Seems to be about par for the course, though. First the whalers, now the audiophiles...

Seriously, though, have great fun in Cali. I'm stuck in Siberia, being in college here. Hey, if you need someone to store some of that system for you, for when you inevitably come back to the Constitution State, I'd be happy to keep current running through it, you know, make sure the caps don't get dusty, or whatever. I'm sure there's a valid reason somewhere.
Ed, Best Of Luck with your move to the LEFT Coast.
Happy Cruisen with the AMX.
And don't forget your Shades.

Ed,I hope you and your family and the Temecula community is safe of the wildfires there.

I have lived all over California...and think it is a great place. Temechula is great. You can be in San Diego, OC, LA, the mountains, the dessert, the ocean....all in an hour or two. Good luck with everything.
Yes Ed, please buy the Sirius satellite radio for your trip. I own the stock and it's tanking...