Have anyone experiance with the Musical Fidelity AMS 50 ?

I wanna buy ( at second hands) the musical fidelity ams 50. As preamp, i have the Audio Note M5 phono.
What do you think about this poweramp?
It will be very big and very hot. I think it is about 1 ft tall and 1 1/2 ft deep? pure class A. If you can find a suitable place and the heat will not be a problem it would be a good amp (provided it was a good price??) My dealer carries Musical Fidelity and they do make fine sounding gear. What would it be replacing and what are your speakers? IMHO
I have Ilumnia magister speakers. One of thé best this moment. 89-90 db.
Very pure,and holographic . They come also to the States, very soon.
I have a livingroom of 56 m2. I payed 4700€ for it. Thanks for answer !!
I have no comments on the amp lukaske but wanted to say you have an amazing preamp and I googled your speakers they look really cool! Sounds like you're putting together a very nice system!
Hello Lukaske,

A bit older topic .... perhaps you are not interested in the AMS 50 anymore ....
I have the AMS 50 in my system.
To me, it is the best(?) mix between a high end tube and a solid state amp (and I do not mean hybrid designs).
Obviously, one amp can't replace all the strong points from tubes AND  transistors in one box, but MF did a pretty amazing job !
The amp has authority and control, throws a big stage and a loth of depth. It is a tonal bliss, no edges and very precise.
I use it with a Jeff Rowland Coherence II pre-amp on a set Genesis V loudspeakers with active servo system..... so it doesn't have to work hard..... 
Heard it also with some B&W's, Wilson etc... the AMS is always in control. I do not know (the soundprint) of your speakers and your preferences, but the AMS 50 is one amp to consider.

Be aware of weight, size, heat and addictive sound.

But ...... I still have a Audio Research V70 tube amp with some very strong points to fall in love with ..... !  :)        
Thanks genesisv, I had him for a while, was not so pleased with the AMS50: to”dark”, not dynamic or 3D. Have now the Wavac MD 805m:  they are greath!
You choose a complete different direction: SET amps. 
Very nice, heard Wavac once before, very rare.
But you can't compare them with a high currrent Class A design !
With the Wavac's you don't have a very good bass response / impact and amplitude. Hey, but that is taste dependent, important is that you think they are great !
I have never heard before about the AMS 50 sounding dark and not dynamic..... all reviews (for what the are worth) don't  mention that either  but again, taste and ears are different :)
Hey, Genesisv, as dac I bought now the Metronome technologie C6 ( tubes) and the Daniel Hertz M6L. The Wavac gives a good bass response (not as deep as the most transistor amps), but very natural.
low depends of the kind of tubes you used. :Telefunken, type 12AX7 ., EI  blackplate Yougoslavia 6Y6GC, an de Psvane 805 T II. A good reproduction and ratio high-mid-low. And the Ilumnia Magister ‘s are amazing.