2 posts in 2 minutes with rounding…. almost hit your trademark count…..

Mike -  You deleted the comment about your $500 power cord - Where the commenter asked you if the 3 PCs you sold him a few months ago for $375 were similar.

Why would you delete this comment?

OCD Mikey is OK, but the subversive sales pitch is kind of a turn off. 

He doesn't do a very good job of describing how his cables actually "flavor" the sound.

Mikey knows how to work his constituents like any good politician...And not all high end audio politicians are bad...there are still a few good guys left... Mikey is very entertaining and knowledgeable in his own way! Love him or hate him... he still provides a service that people like. Go Mikey!!!

@maxima95 because he did not put the context in which those were sold. He had just purchased a $15K DAC, was an existing client from years ago, so I threw the 3 power cables in at a very low price. I would do that for any returning Tribe member. ;-)  They are discounted down to $450 from that link in the video. 

@coralkong Im FAR from subversive about a sales pitch. Im a dealer and founded a cable brand. I am very outward that my channel is made in order to sell as the result im after. I dont want youtube stardom, I want your business. My options are to hide my intent or be outward with it. Im the outward guy. Isofar as ME telling YOU what YOU will hear, using words promising virtue and pleasure, THAT is subversive selling. Its very essence. I sell a result.. "It will beat what you have"  and I guarantee it 100%, or all your money back. There is no more simple and direct sales pitch ever spoken. Why would I treat you like a child and promise you fantasy or sell you a shiny thing ? I have more respect for myself and my buyers. I dont need to charm you into buying. My product proves itself and my client testimonials back it up. Words are cheap. I sell a result..  

The part that never ceases to perplex me is that I am on the buyers side.. I speak out against the industry and wear the black sheep moniker in order to expose the borderline contempt for the buyer in this industry. Then I offer solutions. If I cant find them, I build them. Yet, people still post threads like this to slam me... lol...