The part that never ceases to perplex me is that I am on the buyers side.. I speak out against the industry and wear the black sheep moniker in order to expose the borderline contempt for the buyer in this industry.

As a long time audiophile, I'm not feeling the industry contempt that you claim. Sure, I've found dealers that I thought were dubious, but it is easy to quickly move on from them. I don't consider the relationship with my dealers (or the industry) adversarial at all and I don't begrudge them a fair profit.

@maxima95 Hey, long time! I hope you are well. I am the author of the comment from OCD Mikey’s YouTube channel you cited. (I go by “Drago Celander” on YouTube. lol) I’ve been one of Mikey’s clients since 2019, having bought a Jay’s Audio CDT2 MK2 transport, an Exogal Comet Plus DAC, a Puritan Audio PSM156 conditioner, and more recently, a $15k Playback Designs MPD-6 DAC. As part of that last transaction, Mikey offered a few power cords at special pricing. I have a great things to say about Mikey, because I’ve had great transactions and discussions with him. 
cheers, Dan

@navyachts Fair enough, what does "Have at Err !" mean ? Perhaps I misinterpreted.. 

@cleeds when I say contempt for the buyer, I was speaking of the manufacturers not the dealers. Manufacturers are the ones that set the retail prices. I do believe there is such a thing as "contemptuous" pricing.. There's nothing wrong with free enterprise, but there's a line that's crossed at some point. (to me anyways) 

@mikepowellaudio - The fact that cables seem to be so controversial, it was a "have at err" at the product not at you.