Have U ever bought an LP because of the cover art?

I was talking to a friend who was telling me that he got into various artists because the LP cover was interesting, have you ever bought something for the same reason?
OK Rushton,

Her name is Dolores Erickson. She was 3 months pregnant during the shoot and is now 65. She actually graced the covers of many LP's, but Whipped Cream was clearly the most famous. She also paints. Here is a link to her web site, and an excerpt from a recent expose on Herb Alpert in the Washington Post. Enjoy.


"The success of the records, says Moss, was a reflection of the "warmth" of Alpert's sound. "It was the kind of thing you hear and feel good about," he says. "That part is as fresh to me now as it ever was."
It's debatable, however, whether one of Alpert's most commercially successful albums owed more to its cover art than to its music. "Whipped Cream & Other Delights," released in 1965, was certainly high concept -- all of its songs were named after foods -- but its most memorable feature may have been the cover photo of a beautiful, dark-eyed and apparently naked model covered in white cream.
The picture occupied a not insignificant piece of real estate in the psyches of adolescent boys of that era, who are men of this one. As Esquire put it in 1989, "We bought this album for the album cover. For here is what lust looked like in 1966."
When art director Peter Whorf presented his cover idea to Alpert and Moss, Alpert says, "We thought it was pushing the envelope too much. You've got to remember this is 1965. Now it's nothing."
They went ahead anyway, hiring a friend of the A&M founders, a Ford Agency model named Dolores Erickson, then 25. Whorf spent most of the daylong photo session slathering Erickson with shaving cream, which held up better under the hot studio lights than whipped cream (although whipped cream was used on Erickson's head and hand). All that shaving cream covered up the fact that she was three months pregnant at the time.
The resulting image reveals far less of Erickson than the average low-cut dress, but the overall effect was electrifying. "People have told me that it's the innocence of the look," says Erickson, now 65, retired and living in Washington state. "It's what you can't see" that adds to its allure. "I understand it was very suggestive to men, but I never thought of it like that."
She refers to it as "the world's most famous album cover."
"Whipped Cream" stayed at No. 1 on the album charts for eight weeks."
Carly Simon's "Playing Possum". I liked her music, but the cover was better than gravy.
The first Black Sabbath album in 1970 at age 13 and Pink Floyd's Meddle in 1972 at 15. I was totally unfamiliar with both albums and bands at the time.