Have U listened to the Kimber Ag Tonearm Cable?

I picked this up on loan at USEDCABLE and it rocks.
I have never listened to a cable that so locked my system
right on the money.I'm using a VPI mk3 with Morch UP-4 Arm
with the silver wire,and have it interfaced with the Kimber
Silver tonearm cable and everything downstream is just clicking.I'm using a CJ-PV-5 with moded power supply,ARC VT-60 Amp,and Martin Logan Quest Z speakers.The cartridge
is a Grado Silver Prestidge,but the front end cabling is so fast and transparent,that it makes the Grado sound like a Koetsu Rosewood.Its very fast and has high end speed,and incredible bass.What more can I say I'm just blown away by the tonearm cable by Kimber.Has anyone else had such great luck with the AG Kimber Tonearm Cable?
Dear doublebass: For many years I'm using Kimber cables all over my audio system ( I re-wired with AG Kimber my speakers internally ), the AG Kimber cables are first rate and at very good prices: great choice!!!

Right now I'm using the Silver Oval from Analysis Plus, but I am still using the AG Kimber on four of my installed tonearms.

Regards and enjoy the music.