Have we lost civility and respect on Audio forums?

I think we have.  I have seen many discussion on audio forums and how nasty they can become when you have people disagreeing. Seems like there are a lot more know it alls now. I been in 20 years and I can still learn.  But I also know I know quite a bit. Like cables can enhance the sound and higher end well designed gear can truly be ear candy special.  Is this just on audio forums or the internet period. 



Some people always know the price, but not the value.

- Oscar Wilde


You know the use of ashes…so surely the reference is not lost.


We are living in a time of "know it all's" because its so easy to challenge other people's opinions without meaningful discussion on the web. One thing I find that does "dis-arm" rude responses is using "personal opinionated phrases":

 "It's been my experience that there are no major differences between affordable vs expensive cables"

VS " Stop buying the snake oil, there are no scientific evidence that cables make a difference"

I believe Online forums, twitter, etc has eliminated educated discussions among people on any topic. 


aberyclark that is an excellent and an important point if anyone is really interested in civility. There are ways to express opinions in a nonconfrontational way. When I listen to higher end cables, I heard a difference. When I listened to higher end switches, I did not. I invested my money accordingly. That's what I heard. It doesn't mean that's what you heard. It doesn't mean that you'r equipment is better than mine and it doesn't mean that you' are smarter than me. It's just what I heard. 

with that said, I don't believe that this fellow Who doesn't see the value in high-end cables, is an existential threat to our way of life. I don't see any evidence that he is part of some "techno cult,"  seeking to do some great societal harm. it seems to me that he just doesn't believe there is any value to high-end Audio cables.  I can live with that.