Have you asked yourself this question?

Lately I have thought about selling my entire analog set-up:  Turntable, phono preamp, and vinyl collection.  It's a good system, but my digital system sounds good enough that I don't listen to the analog system any more.

For purposes of illustrating my dilemma, my system is as follows:

Analog system:  Linn Sondek LP12, upgraded with Lingo II power supply, Karousel bearing, and trampolin suspension.  Loci Psionic Tonearm with practically new Clearaudio Maestro cartridge.  PS Audio Stellar Phono Preamp.  Plus, about 450 records, mostly popular stuff from the late 60s, 70s and 80s.

Digital System:  Metrum Acoustics Streamer (Roon endpoint) plus Metrum Onyx DAC.

Just curious if any of you have thought about selling your entire analog rig, because you don't listen to it.  What did you finally decide? Interested in your experiences.


I just bought a new turntable. I’ve been an analog fan for over 50 years, I like everything about it. It’d be difficult for me to give up the sonic pleasure it provides.
Streaming—the equipment and the services—is getting better and better but if you already have a nice analog setup, I think you should keep it around. My friends who dumped their records and players in the ‘80’s for digital wish they hadn’t.

Haven't seriously collected records since CD’s hit the scene, but still have probably 500. Have a turntable set-up properly and spin a disc occasionally, probably more than anything to show people and let them hear it.

But now that I am retired and have more time to devote to listening to music its almost 100% streaming for me, the amount of great new music coming out and the ability delve into the back catalogs of artists make me wish I only had more time for it! Its more about the music than the medium.


Sell it if you do not use it. To keep it as a furniture is nonsense. I sold my Vikings ice skates long time ago :) What is the reason to keep high performance professional equipment if you don’t use it anymore!?

it's also a good occasion for everyone to list what they have and don't use. The best of times!

I own about 400 records, purchased used, and the ones I've kept are without surface noise. Including the cost of my vinyl rig, I've made roughly a $12,000 total investment in the platform. That $12,000 could get me a decent streamer, but not a top-of-the-line one, so I don't see a big cost advantage between vinyl and streaming, at least in my case. Also, the music I like best is from the 60s, 70s, and early 80s, which was mastered specifically for vinyl, so it sounds great that way. When I am in the mood for more contemporary music, I stream on my Bluesound Node, and that's fine for me. But my go-to is vinyl, and I'm happy with it.