Have you been surprised by power cable changes? s

Having been listening to music for over 30 years the tweak I had resisted was power cables and mains blocks. 

I took the plunge spent £400 on mains cables and a mains block through Mark Grant cables in the UK. All hand made. It was easy for me as he lives 15 mins away.

The quality of the product is excellent the sound difference, just tighter, clearer, no noise,  it is like lifting a veil off the speakers the whole sound just seems clearer, greater separation and increasing the width, height and depth.

I recommend you look at your power cables and mains block rather than spend £0000's on new boxes. I wish I had taken the plunge years ago. I have never heard Marc Cohn or Jackson Browne sound so good. 

I have a nice set up. Amplifiers Croft Epoch Elite and Croft Twinstar 1 both modified by Glenn Croft,  Melco Streamer, Exposure Dac and Piega Classic 40.2 speakers with Lfd Speaker cable and BK sub Xxl 400. I could not be happier.

Enjoy the music. 

I was fortunate enough to have learned this early on, around 1994.

Every piece of wire- be it power cord, interconnect, speaker cable, or even fuse- is just as much a component as the amps and speakers everyone knows about. Changing from a stock fuse to a Synergistic Research Blue Quantum Fuse is just as big an improvement as changing from the freebie power cord to a good, say $500, one. (Which, do the math, makes the $150 BQ Fuse a bargain.)

Late last year when I upgraded my phono stage from an old ARC PH3SE to a new Herron VTPH2A it was a monster, mega across the board improvement. Well for $3k it oughta be. (Which many times its not, oh well...) Then just now, literally just the other day, I upgraded my interconnect from an old Synergisitic Resolution Reference to a new Atmosphere Euphoria. Which some may roll their eyes but sorry if that's you because this was every bit as monster, mega across the board as the Herron. Or darn close. Well for $3k it oughta be!

This is why I have been saying for some time now that the wire in a system is every bit as important as everything else, and that therefore you want a great system you better budget the same as everything else. Yet for some reason people do nothing but dump on me for saying that.

Well, isn't that what you just proved is correct? Right. Thought so. Good for you.
The power cord only comes into play on amplifiers if of insufficient gauge for the current draw. Without power conditioning, power cords can bring noise from switch-mode power supplies into the audio chain if filtering on each component is inadequate. 
I too was late to the power cable game.  A few months ago, I splurged on some Mark Tunis Stealth power cables and the difference is absolutely stunning.   It is not subtle.   Much more bass, tight, well defined, and dynamic too.   Much airier miss and highs.   The black part of the music is now black.   What a difference.

i remember laughing at Enid Lumly’s articles in the Absolute Sound in the early 80’s when she went on about how power generation statins sounded differently one to another, but now I think she was on to something.   It was the cables.   I humbly apologize to her now.