Have you ever deceived your wife-audio purchase

This could lead to a hysterical thread. How many audiophiles have come home with an expensive amp/preamp/and told their wife they bought it for practically nothing? Only to have paid 3-4K they had in their private stash? How many audiophiles have secretly installed a new "toy" in their audio system thinking their wife wouldn't notice. My old girlfriend thought anything beyond a boombox was excessive. Whenever I would upgrade my system,I would come up with some far fetched tale(lie) Would love to hear your story.......
Hughes12, I'll offer to buy your Pass x350 for $1400. You can tell your wife that you made a nice profit on that transaction....more upgrades for you!
Absolutely brilliant! Man... you guys are good... I have a feeling this could be the most important thread at the GON to date!

Not re-married yet (waiting till after speaker upgrade)
but with all the new material from you seasoned pro's
I will be set for years!

Gosh I love this place :-)
It could be very interesting to conduct another survey, say, in 5 years just see if any of us are still staying married.
actually, i've been married only 1 yr and haven't had to lie about it once.

sure, explaining a $1k power conditioner took some work and creative financing on my part (i.e. selling other audio equip), but even that went over w/o a shrug.

find a wife that likes your hobbies.

then again, catch me if / after i upgrade speakers (which will likely cost as much as her car, 3 vacations, all new livign room furniture...you get the idea). ---may be some embellishments on that transaction (or at a min, make it affordable: "its only $50 a week for a couple weeks"---yeah, like 150.

I recently picked up some cat toys (little balls with a bunch of rubber tentacles sticking out of them) that my wife assumed were for the new kitten to play with.

The truth of the matter is that I intend on tacking them to the inside corners of our soon to be installed single driver speaker cabinets.

Although I am not making audio purchases @ the current time (due to budget constraints) money had nothing to do with the deception (they were cheap). I just did not want her telling our friends/guests that I had placed cat balls in the speakers.