Have you ever got emotionally attached

To a piece of equipment. One that you dont want to part with. For me its an old pair of OHM I speakers. Bought in 82. Ive upgraded them and just like them. They have their own sonic signiture that Im used too. OK I'll admit Im biased. Three of the drivers are on top and pointed upwards. The sound does not directly come at me and Im used to it. I have 2 Watkin echo muffs behind them. Any way I see them as the part of the system that actually sings to me. I also tried a much touted newer speaker and sold it a year later. If anyone wants to give me a $5000+ speaker I'll try it but I might be sending it back too you. I also wished I hadnt sold my Tandberg 3018A preamp. I thought it looked pretty cool and sounded great. mike
Rdavwhitaker: Are those Grafyx SP-6 or SP-6D?

So far as I can tell from the materials, they are just straight SP-6s. They were bought from a Central Illinois stereo dealer (which, as I recall, was Grafyx's home stomping grounds during its brief life).
Maybe in the past but not now. It's just gear, it's man-made and will eventually fade away one way or another.

I look at it this way-if my house burned down it's just a bunch of stuff. Sure, some of the things I have are heirlooms or have sentimental value but it's just stuff.
it's difficult for me to get emotionally attached to an inanimate object, but , i understand that some people get attacged to items that have been passed down from generations. whether that it is emotional or some other behavior, i have no clue.