--- have you ever seen these speakers before???

check out these towers
Sherwood Tower Speakers - $800

They're gorgeous.
I know sherwood makes decent receivers and components for other brands. I know the speakers are only available over seas in Australia and other countries. Hardly anything is known here in the states.
I have read they are decent speakers to they are great value speakers & a few they're junkreviews.

Problem is...I can't seem to find these specific towers. The seller says he got them in Dubai where they are really popular. He gave me model numbers sp8300 & sp3600. Claims they sound amazing and uses a def tech mythos 10 cc for timber matching. He also claims they were 2 grand a speaker and 200 watt per channel speaker and the cabinets alone are worth 3x his asking price...

Scary to even consider a speaker I can't find replacement parts for let alone the specs.

I need y'all. I'm so curious. I need to know about these speakers.

Thank you!
If you can listen to them on a decent system, I would give it a try. The price is right if they turn out to be good.
Well, I gave him an opinion. I think I was accurate when I
said this USED to be a high-end site. Now people want to
discuss stuff they can buy at PC Richards. Go to a Corvette
forum and ask for opinions on a Chevy Cruz and see what you
I thought Sherwood was the absolute bottom of the barrel, as in sold at Walmart and Rat Shack and possibly a line of clock radios at the drug store. I'm not trying to be funny here.