Have you ever tried a pair of speakers and said this Is the last thing I will ever need.

Hi Audiogoners have you you ever had a local dealer that is so pashonet about audio. That they let you bring in your system for fun and try a $10 000speakers. And you have been to every other local dealers shows and listened to $400 000 and above systems. And then tried a pair of speakers and had so much synergy with your budget system and said omg. This blows all other systems I heard for a fraction of the cost of most others? And have been always happy with that pair of speakers and your system for the rest of your life?

Please share your experience"
Klipsch La Scalla! Enjoying them right now! I've had them about a month along with a new "demo" Prima Luna Prologue Premium w/EL34s. The Klipsch remind me of Martin Logan CLS they are so coherent. An absolutely HUGE soundstage presentation and midrange to die for. Not the most extended treble but adequate to be sure.
I'd love to hear these with diamond coated beryllium diaphragms and a powered subwoofer in the lower cabinet (with DSP room correction of course!). These speakers are so juicy-good (but gigantic) -I think they'll be around for a while (got to get some Townshend Super Tweeters).  
i haven't changed speakers too much over the years and not once after i got my Klipschorns set up about 15 years ago. These were always my top of the hill, and was very pleased with them. Not everyone likes Khorns but to me, they always filled my room with excellent sound. However, 3 years ago, i moved and my home just did not have a room that i could install these in. So i had to find something different. To my luck, i was able to snag a set of Audio Physics Caldera II. These are paired with my new Pass system (xp10 and xa30.8) and i must say, i do not miss the Khorns. Not sure i will ever need or want another set of speakers, but in the hobby, you never say never
Going on 30 years now and every time I would say it she would shake her head and laugh.
I started off with one system. I built the enclosures and it sounded similar to the Infinity IRS at the time, as demonstrated by Arnie Nudell at a show (my system had two Cerwin-Vega 18" subs, I think the model is 320D). Then I started another system with some LS3/5A's but felt these lacked in dynamics, even with an M&K subwoofer. As multichannel became popular later I started some systems with those connected to TV's. I am now up to nine systems spread over two houses and I find that different approaches yield sounds in the various systems that have qualities that are outstanding in different areas. Ribbons really do violins very well. Horns are quite dynamic, but the frequency balance and awareness of the different drivers are weaknesses. I really like subwoofers, but some integrate better with systems than others. I have ten subwoofers spread out over the systems. Multiple systems are fun!