Have you found reliable online used vinyl vendors?

I have been disappointed with the discrepancy between the listings of used vinyl and the actual quality of the lps I receive when I purchase online. The most recent disappointment is with Thursday's Golden Goodies. They shipped me a visibly and audibly scratched Dave Clark Five record listed as EX8 on their site. Has anyone found any reliable on line vendors for used vinyl? Based on my interaction with Thursday's Golden Goodies I will not purchase anything from them again and warn others.
Have often bought used from Acoustic Sounds. Invariably found the condition is as stated. OTH my solo LP purchase on Amazon - Stones " Goats Head Soup" is almost unplayable.
I've had pretty good experience with Amazon. Also, to echo Zd545's comment, Amazon takes a lot of risk out the transaction. For consistency, Acoustic Sounds has been very good as well. They have good used vinyl which tends to be on the pricey side. However, their rating system is usually accurate. Good luck and happy listening!
Records by Mail on the web!

Conservative "spot on" ratings and great packing.