Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!

Yes indeed.  Several years ago, the absolutely incredible Revel Salon 2 speakers finally took me off the speaker merry-go-round.  I do believe that I'll be taking my Revel Salon 2 speakers to the grave with me.  What's your end-game speakers?


Final speaker… no surly not but I will be keeping my JBL 4367 for a longtime. They have no real flaw and do a lot of things really well. I will happily move up the JBL line when and if I get the chance.

I have pivoted more toward my home theater (new projector/screen) since buying the JBL as I don’t read or look for other speakers. I might buy some new subs as they will be used in both systems (same room). 

Yes - Reference 3A de Capos. Paired with a good subwoofer and this is all Ill ever need.

Well - I may try Klipsch Cornwalls at some time...

Quad ESL's - 2 pairs , plus pair Magnepan DWM's plus isobaric sub. Had the Quads 15 years.

Since the late 60s my ultimate was the JBL Paragon. Never heard it. Never saw one in person. Still want one.

I did recently have a pair of JBL L300. Loved them. Downsized house so they had to go. Since the mid 70s I have been using JBL L222 Disco.