Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!

Yes indeed.  Several years ago, the absolutely incredible Revel Salon 2 speakers finally took me off the speaker merry-go-round.  I do believe that I'll be taking my Revel Salon 2 speakers to the grave with me.  What's your end-game speakers?


I've had the Magnepan 20.7 for over 10 yrs now and love them, have never looked elsewise.

My Ohm F5s I’ve had since 2008 are likely not going anywhere though I will be very interested to see what happens with Ohm now that the John Strohbeen era is over. Hoping Ohm is bought by someone who recognizes their unique value and invests to move things forward and take it to the next level, the way JS himself always wisely did slowly but surely over many years.

I've had my used Dali Euphonia MS5 speakers for a few years now. I've added a 4 sub array. I'm still blown away every time I sit and listen. I always have a big smile on my face.

I've noticed a couple pair on sale right now for a darn good price. These babies can be Tri-wired, which I've done. Most every set I've seen, the owners have either wired them wrong, or never tried tri-wiring. Their stupidity is our gain.

These were Dali's top of the line in '07.

You can never trust any audiophile's claim of having found "end game gear" until they are dead and buried.  Until then, it's an open (and dubious) proposition :-)

I'm sort of "end gamed" for the moment, having been mostly priced out of upgrades.   So I'm very happy with my Joseph Audio Perspective 2 speakers.

I also have my Thiel 2.7 speakers, which I've had for a long time now.  I cant see every getting rid of them as they are my "fall back" speaker - one that just seems to do most things right, almost nothing wrong, and I dearly love their sound.  Keeping them around allowed me to be more open to trying other speakers - if I made a major mistake with a speaker purchase, at least I didn't get rid of the Thiels, and they will always bee there.


Magnepan 3.7i there's nothing that compares in their price range. They present everything beautifully.