Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!

Yes indeed.  Several years ago, the absolutely incredible Revel Salon 2 speakers finally took me off the speaker merry-go-round.  I do believe that I'll be taking my Revel Salon 2 speakers to the grave with me.  What's your end-game speakers?


I'm sticking with my Wilson Benesch Vertex Loudspeakers mated with the W-B Torus System.

New to me Magicos. I’m sure I could be happy with several different speakers in their class. The fact that I just crack up laughing in the middle of a listening session as I realize just how deeply i'm listening tells me everything I need to know. Not going anywhere anytime soon.

Interesting comments, of course I have no idea when my game will end.  

That a said, I love numerous speakers around the house, JBL, Mirage and others with my current favorite main entertainers being Sonus Faber Olympica II's with an ancient M & K 12" active subwoofer.  I've considered replacing that sub unit but it fits in and works seamlessly in the room with the Oly's.

The Oly II's fill the family room nicely, provide hours of beautiful listening, especially with vinyl or SACD's, along with a wife who wears hearing aids yet loves how they look. The no boxy fine Italian craftsmanship captivates her. If these are my end game speakers I can live with and enjoy them until then.

Since I no longer work in the HiFI business I think I can stick with the Oly II's indefinitely and enjoy the variety of some of my buddies amazing systems as well, each with its own sonic favors.

I feel extremely fortunate to have found the Oly II's here on AG years ago and currently experiment with less visual components like tubes, cables and sources often discovering a tweak here and there that is fascinating... These bits weigh a lot less and don't require an entire system rebuild or room remodel to get things right.

Grateful to be enjoying a fantastic life long hobby and the music that can delivered to my ears.  

Hoping you all can appreciate the same... I am satisfied.  I feel speakers are such a personal, multi factorial, and situational choice.

Will there be a speaker upgrade?  It's tempting after listening in on some of my buddies systems... Yes, No , Maybe...

I had a pair of Alons for 25 years that were great and I had to replace the paper woofers about 8 years in. I liked them a lot and changed quite unexpectedly just before Covid hit because I came across a close out deal on a pair of brand new KEF R500s for $1700. I improved their sound dramatically by tossing the spikes/discs KEF gives you and put Symposium Segue platforms under them that really focused the sound and cleaned them up.

I don't like buying Chinese made speakers but they were at least designed in Britain and they have better bass (and overall detail) than the Alons but when you are very close (changing records) because they are not open at the tweeter level, don't sounds as good for a few seconds when I walk away. There are always tradeoffs. Because they make their own drivers and have tremendous economies of scale the value is undeniable. To get a noticeable improvement I would probably have to splurge for an $8K (list) or more pair of speakers, probably discounted to around $5K or more. 

I enjoy improving other parts of my system and trying to get the maximum out of the speakers, which is impossible in my non-dedicated listening room, but that is the never ending journey. Only changing one thing (especially inexpensive things like vibration control) enables me to judge the improvement, which often surprises me how much or little the sound was improved.

Admittedly, I probably have allocated a much smaller % of my total system investment in speakers than the vast majority of 'Goners, but you can only degrade the sound when you go down the signal path, and I've spent about 50%+ on my turntable/cartridge/phono stage/Townshend platform/wall shelf/Hexmat eclipse mat. I have listened to a much more expensive pair of KEFs and didn't hear much of a difference. I was told the demo room did not have a good enough amp to get the most out of them. I considered a fairly big upgrade to Vienna Acoustics (close outs) who was leaving the US market, and even those, I was told (by an honest salesman at TMR) that I might not like them as much and I could return them, but the trial cost of shipping would have been $600 (can't remember if that was for 2 trips or one).

I guess I have 20 years to go on these KEFs.....although you never know. With the platform upgrade to the speakers it really makes me hesitate.

Stirling broadcast LS 3/6  and Dynaudio Contour 30 -- at two different places. both are marvelous and quite enough for me.