Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!

Yes indeed.  Several years ago, the absolutely incredible Revel Salon 2 speakers finally took me off the speaker merry-go-round.  I do believe that I'll be taking my Revel Salon 2 speakers to the grave with me.  What's your end-game speakers?


Took a break for many years, and had been fairly happy with a cheap but surprisingly good pair of epos bookshelf speakers, and my 30 year old Aragon 4004mk2/18k preamp driving them. But got a minor audiophile craving recently and sourced a pair of new old stock 805s bookshelf speakers, and it’s checking all my boxes. So far. 

Like many year, I’ve owned & enjoyed many different speakers over a long period of time. Like a few others here, I’m now really enjoying the Volti Audio Rivals. They effortlessly sound more like live music than any other speaker I can afford & they don’t require high powered heroic amplification like many other speakers to play loudly & sound great at the same time.  

I’ve heard several of the fine speakers mentioned that sound tight, clean, detailed etc but for myself, sound more like good hifi than live music is my standard of excellence & what pleases me. Check them out if this is what you like too. 

Magico A3's, purchased from their first production run. Have not and likely will not budge from my living room. Don't even think about them, they are so good. Neal

My current speakers will probably be my last.

First off, they are heavy as heck! The flight cases could be used to bury me in. As I am getting older for some reason, I keep buying heavier equipment, maybe I am subconsciously craving the end game to this long journey.

And... they cost more than I should have spent!

They are the Clarisys Minute Planar speakers.


Spatial Audio Labs X5s. 

I thought that it was the end of the rainbow but I've gone through a bunch of different amps finally getting my endgame integrated (Don Sach's Valhalla). Then there is the speaker cables and now there is the source so, as Rosanne Rosannadanna said, "It's always something."