Have you moved away from full range to standmount speakers + subs?

I want to know if you have been on a journey moving from a large full range speaker to a smaller one paired wit subs, maybe even four subs.

Maybe you moved away from the big speakers because you had too much bass or you got a better soundstage from the smaller speakers. Let me know what motivated you and if you think it’s better now.

My motivation for wanting to try smaller speakers.

I have the Tekton DI and until a month ago I was using a LM845P SET amp to drive them.

It only sounded good on simple jazz and vocals but on complex music everything was falling apart.

I am not playing loud but I think it was the low 2 ohm load in the midrange that made the LM break down.

I bought a used PS Audio BHK250 and pre and it was like getting new speakers. Never ever had it occurred to me that speaker and amp matching could have such a profound effect.

So I am enjoying my speakers now and listen to music I have avoided like the plague and enjoying it (:

But all of this got me thinking, what if I paired my LM845P with an easy to drive speaker and paired it with some subs?

Then the LM845 could do what it's best at, playing glorious midrange and the subs could play the bass.

So that's my motivation for trying smaller speakers.

I am also hoping that maybe I could get better and more even bass with 2 or 4 subs. Maybe a better soundstage because the small speakers have a very small baffle.

Excellent points steakster and my comment above just proves your point. In my last sentence I should have referenced imaging, not staging. 
blkwrxwgn - you must be new to ago, MC does this sort of thing many times a day. He comes to the rescue of any post regarding his speaker brand (I'm not going to mention it because it will wake him) to state how arrogant or ill informed the poster is by not having an away welcome toward his speaker. Many of us have ignored him for quite some time.

As for stand mount or towers, it depends on the room. What is a tower but some woofers/mids/tweeter in 1 box, so if you break up the combo into 2 separate boxes, IMO you would have more flexibility in placing your speakers. Placing the woofers in certain areas for the best sound might not be the best location for the midrange/tweeter, or vice-versa.
I went from floorstanders to high performance monitors and sub years ago,  my room was the deciding factor.   Recently I went the other way, large speakers , with and without sub.   I'm glad I did , I now have a room that is well damped , so well that my Velodyne SMS 1 barely applies EQ in auto mode.   No more standing waves.   Compact systems can sound great but lack the weight and body of good floor standers.    I had a serious room mode at 40 Hz in my old house that made any large speaker sound boomy,  which is why I went the sat/sub route.

When you think about it, many speaker stands take up the same real estate as many floor standing speakers.....so if the room allows I'll take floor standers any day
Yes, I have been temporarily forced to either listen full time to headphones or purchase a near field speaker setup because I could no longer access my big stereo system due to construction. I tried listening to headphones only for a while but missed speakers so badly I decided to put together a small stereo system. 

My primary goal was low distortion and secondary was a good balance of remaining characteristics.  I went into this thinking It would be very affordable because everything will be much smaller, but I quickly discovered that this was no easy feat without nearly as much amplifier power as my big system to drive small speakers that cost way more than I had imagined.  I found that I really liked the sound of Wilson Audio Tune Tots but after listening for a week at home the missing low end felt like the loss of a family member.  What I finally ended up with wasn't the affordable system I thought it would be, but fortunately also wasn't the most expensive.  I bought two Wilson Audio Watch Dog subwoofers and I am driving them with a Dan D'agostino Classic amplifier and the Tune Tots are being driven by Dan D'agostino M400 amps.  The lesson I learned was the smaller the stereo system, the harder to achieve great sound without increasingly bigger dollars.  Almost inversely proportional it seems like to me.  

My best advice is to buy at least two subwoofers that are designed for music and not for movie LFE to go with your main speakers.  Best of luck to you and try to enjoy the journey.