Have you moved away from full range to standmount speakers + subs?

I want to know if you have been on a journey moving from a large full range speaker to a smaller one paired wit subs, maybe even four subs.

Maybe you moved away from the big speakers because you had too much bass or you got a better soundstage from the smaller speakers. Let me know what motivated you and if you think it’s better now.

My motivation for wanting to try smaller speakers.

I have the Tekton DI and until a month ago I was using a LM845P SET amp to drive them.

It only sounded good on simple jazz and vocals but on complex music everything was falling apart.

I am not playing loud but I think it was the low 2 ohm load in the midrange that made the LM break down.

I bought a used PS Audio BHK250 and pre and it was like getting new speakers. Never ever had it occurred to me that speaker and amp matching could have such a profound effect.

So I am enjoying my speakers now and listen to music I have avoided like the plague and enjoying it (:

But all of this got me thinking, what if I paired my LM845P with an easy to drive speaker and paired it with some subs?

Then the LM845 could do what it's best at, playing glorious midrange and the subs could play the bass.

So that's my motivation for trying smaller speakers.

I am also hoping that maybe I could get better and more even bass with 2 or 4 subs. Maybe a better soundstage because the small speakers have a very small baffle.

MC?  You were getting kinda boring so maybe it’s better for all of us you take a break (I have Tektons but they’re not as earth shattering as some would have you believe ).  But I haven’t spent innumerable hours tweaking them which maybe defeats the purpose.  Eric said they’d blow away my KEF LS50s paired with a decent sub but that’s just not the case.  I have an NAD M33 and the room correction EQ makes a Huge difference on any speaker I’ve tried - especially the Tektons.  Anyone who has had the LS50s knows that for what they are they are pretty special.. Despite the promise of the Tektons I can’t let my LS50s go.   I have the Tekton compact impact btw.  
Had floorstanders that worked well in a large listening space but not so good in a small one. My quasi-nearfield listening position just didn't allow enough distance for the drivers to blend properly. Problem was solved when I switched to standmounts with coincident/coaxial drivers and sub. Was able to position the monitors for best imaging/soundstage and sub for best bass. 

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11-05-2021 3:01pm
Blkwrxwagn....Thanks for not helping...You can't answer it because your a neophite and don't know the answer....I pity your SO....way to much hatred and negativity to be on here.

Okay @buddyboy1 .....I actually was trying to help but you took that a bit far........not sure why anyone would want to help you now though, that was a bit much.

People here get really worked up when you bring up Tekton, so when you came into the middle of a conversation that had NOTHING to do with your question, I was trying to tell you to go ask Eric himself (or just google)

Eric makes 2ohm, 4ohm, 8ohm versions of speakers to match people's systems and the point I was making is that he also makes WAY TOO MANY speakers to match people's systems or rooms.  Jack of all trades, master of none?  That was the point but you took it personally for some reason.  I'll go back to listening to my Tekton DI's now. 

@jjss49 --

Good insights.

It seems to me though you’re leaving out one scenario, namely that pairing the larger full-range speaker (in your case the Spendor SP100 R2’s) with a pair of subs. Have you tried out that combination with the REL’s of yours?

i have indeed and of course that is often the best of all worlds

i only wrote my comments to address the op’s specific query of comparing sat+subs vs full range (w/o subs)...