Have you seen any CABLE measurement tests?

I certainly have not. Not either in stereophile or Absolute sound. Would not a simple measurement if input signal v/s output signal measurements will tell you straight wire without gain?

Which, if any, cable manufacturer publish such test results?

measurements do not necessarily correlate to observed sound.

all relevant parameters are not measured. there are other factors and component interactions that make it impossible to predict results of cable performance, given cable measurements.
For RLC measurements, see Audioholics, esp. the cable faceoffs listed on this page:


"Straight wire without gain" is an ideal, not a real-world phenomenon. All wire will have some tiny effect on frequency response, most commonly a little roll-off in the top octave. And when I say a little, I mean generally well below what humans can detect. There are exceptions, and it's certainly possible to intentionally make a cable with really bad FR. But for most speaker-amp combinations, any cable with reasonably low resistance (meaning reasonably thick) will provide audibly flat frequency response.

Which is why cable purveyors don't publish FR plots--because they'd show something the purveyors don't want you to know.
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