Have you seen any CABLE measurement tests?

I certainly have not. Not either in stereophile or Absolute sound. Would not a simple measurement if input signal v/s output signal measurements will tell you straight wire without gain?

Which, if any, cable manufacturer publish such test results?

measurements do not necessarily correlate to observed sound

Depends what you mean by "observed sound." Our everyday observations of sound are heavily influenced by non-sonic factors--setting, mood, prior opinions about the performers/equipment, etc. Your brain is wired to synthesize information from all your senses, plus stored memories, and that's what it does. Obviously, measurements of sound aren't going to tell you anything about all the non-sonic things that are part of your mental mix when you're listening to something.

But if we isolate our hearing perception from all that non-sonic stuff--by listening without knowing what we're listening to--there is a high degree of correlation between certain measurements and our perceptions. See, for example, the work that Floyd Toole and Sean Olive have done on speaker preferences. A good basic summary is contained here:


See also Earl Geddes's work in progress here:

hi Pableson, are you saying that cables which measure "better" sound "better" ? are you saying a person listening blind will usually prefer a cable which measures better than another cable ?

are you saying you can predict the "sound" of a cable, again when listening without being influenced by non sonic cues ?

finally what about the particular components feeding and receiving a signal, isn't there an affect of the components being interfaced upon a cables performance ?
why do you need cable measurements? what will they tell you?

can you tell by reading measurements how a partcular cable will sound in your system?