Have you seen any CABLE measurement tests?

I certainly have not. Not either in stereophile or Absolute sound. Would not a simple measurement if input signal v/s output signal measurements will tell you straight wire without gain?

Which, if any, cable manufacturer publish such test results?


Thanks for adding some clarity to all the confusion and misinformation about cables.
In the interests of science, please provide a link which describes any test, done by anyone, which is considered beyond reproach in its methods, that can support such a conclusion in such a way to establish is at irrefutable fact.

Inquiring minds would like to know.

Thank you.
Twl: You're obviously not any kind of scientist. If you were, you'd know that there are no irrefutable facts, and whole theories are never proven by single experiments. (Remember what Einstein said about that.)

That said, just which conclusion are you talking about?