Have you seen the new McIntosh poster for $195?

I guess if I was in college I might like this. It's really not so bad. If they sell them all it'll be $50,000 for this Company . But then you gotta spend a couple hundred dollars to frame it. But it's only $195 and it's limited to 250 copies maybe I can make a lot of money in the aftermarket I hope they haven't sold them all out at this point maybe they'll do other types of posters. I bet if  they charged more for it there would be more interest. It's just a quirky way things work. Maybe all the dealers will buy the posters. 


@emergingsoul I'll let you pick from one of two answers depending on your intent:  
1) yes i personally walked into the Sequoia National Forest, picked the best tree I could find and felled it by hand.  


2) That table has been in the family since I was very young and it does get many compliments.  


My guess is you're not posting this from A Federal prison so I would pick the second one.  I hope you have good estate planning because your family will have a tough time deciding who gets it. Probably a lot tougher to deal with than all your audio stuff regardless how wonderful it might be at that point. The thickness of that table is quite remarkable. I have a 160 your old oak tree in my backyard that should provide some lovely tables but maybe not in my lifetime. 

Nice to see so much enthusiasm for this long-time American company, in addition to interest in hand crafted art, at a time when AI is threatening to wipe them all out.

If you missed your chance, McIntosh is releasing additional copies of this print on 12/14. Looks like they're pretty strict on 1 copy per customer. Sorry OP.

The Grateful Dead are not really my jam, but it looks like a quality print process for the dedicated fan.