Have you used a Yamamoto HA 02 to drive speakers?

Any luck? Thought about trying one on my 109db 8ohm horns.Has anyone used HA 02 to run hi-eff loudspeakers?
Yes, I use one to drive 101db Zu Druids in a relatively small room at close range (about 6-7 feet from the speakers). The result is plenty loud for me except for the occasionally low level symphonic recording that doesn't pack quite the wallop when I'm in the mood for it. Bass is definitely limited, but you can get a sense of power in the orchestral foundation nonetheless. I suspect that Yamamoto's A-08S or A-011 (which I would like to get as soon as my wallet recovers from the purchase of a Nottingham Spacedeck) would provide a more capacious soundstage, better frequency extension at both ends, and greater separation and ease.
I looked into doing this when I was considering buying the Druids. I contacted Srajan at 6moons who has both the HA-02 and Druids, but uses them in different systems, He tried the HA-02 with the Druids and reported similar results as Samadhi. In other words they will drive the speakers but bass is especially thin.