Having A Tough Time Justifying More Than One Table

Currently have three tables on the system, and have run at least two for a number of years. I do remember back when I was younger and had fewer greenbacks to my disposal that I would run one table that was the best I could afford. That is actually my M.O. - only one of each. But I have broke that trend with turntables. 

But as I sit here and listen to my main table, a SOTA Cosmos Eclipse withe SME V and a Transfiguration Proteus I wonder why I bother with the others. Also residing on the stereo cabinet is a Well Tempered Reference with a ZYX 4D on it, and a Brinkmann Bardo with Audiomods Series 6 and Ortofon A90 on it. Both are very nice sounding tables, but neither are on the same level as the SOTA. The Brinkmann might have more I can coax out of it with a better arm, and that is something I have considered. 

Yet I wonder, why bother? Sometimes I think I should buy another cartridge on par with the Proteus and just rotate them when one goes off for refurbishment. 

This is what I get for thinking on a quiet weekend morning and having too much coffee....
@ mijostyn

The SOTA is understated in its looks, and it does look like the more basic tables such as the Nova or Sapphire, but its an interesting table none the less. The aluminum sub chassis is well done, and when you compare it to other high end subchassis on other suspended tables, it compares quite well. The magnetic bearing assembly is as good as anything out there, and the new platter composition also sounds well balanced tonally compared to previous versions. The motor assembly is not as complex as the multi pulley arrangements, but with the Phoenix Engineering speed control I think it does the job correctly, and is not an over priced over engineered solution. The composite arm boards are pretty darn fine also.

All in all it seems like a well executed design. Perhaps the SME V limits the overall overall performance of the table, and there is something to be gained there. It's just a thought.
Dear @neonknight : " Perhaps the SME V limits the overall overall performance of the table, and there is something to be gained there. It’s just a thought. "

Not exactly to the table but to the cartridges.

Yes new tonearms is a very good option foe the Sota where you will have ( I understand that. ) 2 tonearms.

Exist very good tonearms that performs a little better than the V like: Origin Live Agile, Kuz ma 4point or Reed. Of course that exist other tonearms options. Kuzma and Reed has th removable headshell option that is a useful characterisitc.

You need one turntable for stereo, with a LOMC, one turntable for a stereo MM, one turntable for mono post-70s vinyl, one turntable for mono LPs from 1957-1970, one turntable for pre-1957 mono, and one turntable for 78s. So you need 6 turntables. Or one turntable with 6 arms.

My Single TT now has 3 Tonearms: MC; MM; MONO

Vintage JVC Wood Plinth CL-P2 with 2 removable armboards, and a 3rd arm added on the narrow left side.

Here’s a CL-P2


Larger Plinth CL-P3 with 3 removable arm boards exists, but, bigger, rare, expensive, and I had the CL-P2


I decided to add a 3rd arm left side of my CL-P2

To fit the narrow width, and fit inside of the dust cover when on, only a compact arm fits.

I found a Mission 744, which is made by Jelco, the 250ST. Short 210mm spindle to post and short rear counterweight design. Many adapter plates exist also


Mine, wood plinth, a 3/4" hole for the din cable, 3 wood screws for the surface mounted base plate, done.

MC right side; MM removable headshell rear; MONO left side.

SUT with 3 inputs and PASS feature for MM goes to MM Phono input of Preamp.



I’m washing/selling LP’s on eBay. Playing to verify how quiet, no skips/blips … I realized I was unnecessarily wearing my MC fixed stylus, thus I added the 3rd arm to use MM replaceable stylus. Removable headshell for versatility: ML/Elliptical/Conical

I could not be happier.