HD VINYL. New method for making vinyl records!

Only for those that enjoy "good old records".

"The HD Vinyl process, by contrast, involves a longer period perfecting the topographic, computer-generated, 3D modeling imprint before any physical manufacturing takes place.  “We adjust the distance of the grooves, we correct the radial/tangential errors, and we optimize the frequencies,” Loibl continued.  “You could say we ‘master’ the topographical data, which is a totally different approach.”

After that, a ‘pulsed high-energy Femto-laser’ burns the audio directly onto the stamper.  Distance between the grooves and depth adjustments happen automatically, with a 90-degree burning angle eliminating possible distortions.  All in, Rebeat and Joanneum estimate that stamper-related costs will be reduced by 50 percent, while the time required to produce a new piece of vinyl slashed by 60 percent.

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The timing of this new technology could be absolutely perfect.  The music industry witnessed another surge in vinyl demand last year, with sales booming 29.8% in the United States alone, according to Nielsen Music.  That is being followed by an echo of turntable sales: late last year, Amazon reported that a $50 Jensen turntable was its best-selling home audio product for the holidays.  Even better, the vinyl resurgence could be having a spillover effect into retail, with smaller record shops suddenly resurfacing.  Bands are also realizing greater revenues from vinyl: according to financial details surfacing last year, vinyl is actually producing more revenue than ad-supported streaming."

I for one will be happy to"hear" artists are earning more.

Happy holidays to all,


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