HDCD a flash in the pan already??

I started looking for a new CD Player a while back but put the search on the backburner for a bit(needed a new sub & picked up a Onix Rocket UFW-10)so now it's back to CD Player hunting and it seems to me there are less HDCD players coming out then when I orginally researched. For example the new Music Player 25.2 isn't HDCD ready where the CD-25 was nor is Onix's best CD Player CD-2(their lower one xcd-99 is). Even though they're out of my price range players newly released players like the Rega Apollo,Cambridge Azur 640 or Naim CD5i do not appear to be HDCD. Is this another format that isn't going to make it or just a option on lower end players. I was recently at a couple local CD stores (Borders, Fye and Barnes and Noble) and there were at the most 3 HDCD Cds there none of which I would be interested in.. Starting to seem like HDCD shouldn't even be an option to look for in my CD Player search.. Any comments?
I wouldn't base a purchasing decision on it, but it's a nice bonus. My Cary 308T has it and it makes a difference. And as someone mentioned above, CDs that have no HDCD marking on them (stuff I've had without realising it), turn out to be HDCD decoded and sound great.
You guys aren't making my decision any easier lol, your saying it's not important but it's "great".. Now I'm really on the fence, plus got a line on a Music Hall CD-25.2 for under 4 delivered and not sure which way to go..obviously he 25.2 is not a HDCD where the CD-25 was and my search started thinking all newer, better CD Players would be HDCD.. hmm...
HDCD discs still sound better even when played in a regular player. I have quite a few but no special player.
I have a Cary 303/300 and a modded Music Hall CD-25, both with HDCD. Even though HDCD was not a factor for me originally in purchasing a player, it became one. I was surprised at the number of disks that are out there and I believe that it does make a difference. Even if no new disks are added to HDCD catalog, there's enough music already out in the format to still make it a consideration. YMMV of course.
Advent11, "I believe that it does make a difference"
I was afraid someone was going to say the lol.. Which makes me really wonder why the newer/better CD Players (like the ones I listed earlier in the thread such as the Music Hall CD-25.2) are NOT putting HDCD in their new CD Players? Really got me in a quandary here.. It's like I'm better off buying the older discontinued models rather then what should be they're newest more advanced players,, I hate to pass up this deal on a practically new Music Hall CD-25.2 but if the older ones will sound better with HDCDs I might not have a choice, I don't want to buy it and then wish I waited for one with HDCD.