Whats the diff.in terms of sound between hdcd and sacd,which is the best for cd player to have?how good in 2 channel sterio?
Checkout Joel Fan's West of the Son & World Keys, also Mike Garson's Jazz Hat. All three HDCD on Reference Recordings label. Of course if pop/rock music is your thing - never mind.
Who pays 30.00 for an SACD disc?

Lot's of baby boomers with less than ideal hearing.
I believe that who buys what is not an issue on this thread. The bottom line is as far as audio quality goes:


SACD sound great no question about it. I usually purchase used ones on the web rangin from 7 to 19 U$.
Spaninc - I agree that sound quality is the first priority but there are three things that always held me back from buying SACD player:

- Very limited selection and possibility of format becoming obsolete.

- SACD cannot be used from server or computer.

- It is not possible to make backup copy (pit width modulation).

In addition, great recordings will benefit from SACD but most of them are not even good enough for CD quality. The same goes for Blu-Ray. Most of DVDs I watch don't even make 480p quality. How do I know? - because from time to time there is an exceptional one. I mentioned DVD as analogy because it is easier to see the difference in quality (less subjective) than audio.