HDD to SSD migration and capacity?

Hi all,

I will be migrating my HDD library to a 2.0 TB (1.81 TB capacity) Samsung T5 SSD. The new library will remain rather static with very infrequent additions or deletions.

About how much data should I put on it, and about how much "headroom" should I leave unused? And is the answer the same for audio applications as it is for PC applications?



The only reason for more headroom is limited number of "writes" to SSD.  Controller  from time to time rotates data location to avoid any cell being written too many times.  Disk with large overhead will last longer, but it applies to extreme conditions (traffic + temperature) and many years of use, if not decades.  At this point people buy new gear anyway.  I doesn't even apply to audio, since 99.9% of time there will be "reads" only.  

Ok… I didn’t realize it is a portable, I should have looked it up. Fill it up… doesn’t mater.

And I should have mentioned that the SamsungT5 was a portable...

Answers saying that I can safely fill it to the brim are just what I was hoping for!

Thanks again...