HDMI Audioquest vs Bluejean

I am setting up a HT space and am looking at these two companies . I have used analog Bluejean cables and find them to be a good product . A certain HT installer uses Audioquest exclusively and recommends the Forest .

I've been through the archives here and most everything has a few years on it ! I was kind of thinking that maybe there has been some new thinking and/or technology , especially with the advent of 4K technology .

I will need two HDMI cables ran in the walls and attic for about 25' to 30'. Does it make sense to spend about twice as much for the Audioquest Forest as opposed to the Bluejean Series 1 bonded pair ?
Does anyone have experience with these two companies' HDMI offerings ?

Thank You
Stringreen ;
Thanks for your input , quite useful .
I think that Bluejeans is out of the running .

Does anything else beat Audioquest Forest within its price range of about $275 for a 10 meter cable ? I will need two .

Thank you
Check out the Apollo AV Lightning v.2 HDMI cable. Flat cable design with 5% silver content. I don't know if it bests the WW cables but it is better than any other cable I have tried. Price is $49.95 for 1 meter. I don't have any connection with Apollo AV; just a very satisfied customer,
I have a Bluejean and an Audioquest Vodka.

The Bluejean is great for 5 bucks or whatever, but Vodka is in a different league. However, like audio cables, the Vodka is more revealing than the Bluejean. Which is not always a good thing...

For me, the difference is I notice that some older movies that I thought had great FX quality (with Bluejean and Monster) now look like studio sets/props (when viewed with the Vodka). New movies looks great, though.
That is interesting Mjmch , no one else has mentioned the video quality of the AQ cables . Good to know .
I have decided to try the AQ Forest cables .

Thank you to all who responded .