HDMI Cable Questions

I am about to get a 42" 1080i LCD TV.

First, what is meant by a HDMI 1.3? Is this the latest and best version???

Second, I don't see a "bazillion" different brands of HDMI cables, as I do for audio cables. I'm not a "video" freak, but rather an audio freak. So...recommendations for a REASONABLY priced HDMI cable?

Belkin pure AV RAzorvision. It comes with two 1 meter HDMI cables, Excellent quality, Great shielding. Don't bother with the Ac powered enhancement box. You can get one on EBay NEW for under $50.
This is the latest which includes more colors and contrast ratio.

1.3 supports Blu Ray and it's billions of colors is what a salesman at Circuit City told me.
Wireworld makes the best HDMI cables. I recomend, according to your budget, the Ultraviolet 5.2 on up to the Silver Starlight 5.2. Look here on Audiogon for some really good prices or contact The Cable Company.