HDMI Cables

Someone recommended I use WireWorld cables.

Man obviously I am a bit of a newbie cause I would not expect to pay $100-500 for (1) HDMI cable.

I just looked them up and there are several types! Plus they are freaking pricey! Is this the cost of being an audiophile! I cannot skimp on the cabling?!!! LOL…!!!

Hoping there are other options?

There's are WIREWORLD's pricing!
Island 7 = $26.00
Chroma 7 = $46.00
Ultraviolet 7 = $100.00
Starlight 7 = $170.00
Silver Starlight 7 = $270.00
Platinum Starlight 7 = $500.00

WOW… anything above Chroma is a push for me! I guess someone school me on the importance and if I really need to shell out more than $50 bucks a cable.

Or someone tell me there are cheaper alternatives that will provide the same results!

THanks ladies and gentlemen!
THX 333....boy is that guy wrong. I tried out 6 different HDMI cables and they looked different on my Sony, and sounded different on my Denon/NHT speakers. By far (no small different) was the Wireworld which I didn't return to the seller.
Thx-333. I'd say the consensus here is split down the middle. I think different digital cables definitely sound different based on my limited experience, including HDMI cables. May I suggest you buy a couple of cables, the Monoprice that seems to be the favorite of at least several people on the forum, and a slightly more deluxe cable with some silver plating like the Panagea cable offered by Audio Advisor or one of the entry cables from Audioquest, and use both for a while and see if you can tell any difference in sound or video quality.

in my experience I went from a generic hdmi supplied with a TV tuner to a modest priced hdmi (Signal I think) and the washed out and grainy look of the first cable completely disappeared and was replaced with crisp colors and a defined picture.

It was a huge difference for not much money

what kind of tv and associated gear (DVD/BR) are you using?
I would be remiss if I did not suggest the WW HDMI.
The Silver Starlight will accommodate everything up to a
plasma set. If you own a plasma set (new or older) then you will want to consider the WW Platinum HDMI as this particular cable will be the very best compliment.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!