I have one input in my 50" DLP but have 2 devices that utilize HDMi and the other unit uses DVI. what would be my option, obviously a HUB type approach would not work, but perhaps and auto switcher ? .. anything out there that is not too expensive ?

Sometimes the diffrence between DVI and Componet video is so small you cant even notice it, so try using comp video for one of the sources, chances are you wont see a diffrence, and if you do, it will be too slight to care.
I have one of these hubs. In my opinion is is not the way to go. It is too expensive for what you get. And what you get is a significant loss in bandwith and a crappy picture. The loss in picture quality is almost -but not quite, eauivalent to comparing a standard 480p picture to high definition 720p.

I am seriously thinking of getting rid of it ans switching the plugs manually!!!
thanks guys.. not sounding good ...
I also just found one at Bettercables.com http://www.bettercables.com/hd2x1sw.html

anyone with experience on this one ?
The better cables one (sadly) doesn't autosense either. Think its about the same price-wise as the gefen. I'd worry about the two ports--I've got DVI or HDMI for DVD right now, for my Mac Mini, will have it shortly on my CATV box, and anticipate the new XBox 360 is likely to use HDMI or DVI. I ended up with the four port box.

Jjlckole--what kind of hub did you get? I'll agree the gefen is expensive for what it is, but loss in bandwidth? HDMI and DVI are digital formats. Trying to figure out how loss of bandwidth works in the digital context w/o complete loss of picture. I haven't tried swapping the box in and out for my sources, but have a hard time believing there is a PQ difference due to a digital switcher... What is your set up?