HDMI to DVI adapter?

Has anyone tried this? I am hoping it may remedy my delemma with my Sony 1080i CRT that does not have a HDMI input. It is incompatible with several blu-ray players that will only output an HD signal via HDMI (including the Playstation 3.) I would obviously have to run audio cables as well.

I faced the same problem, too. I found an HDMI to DVI cable by searching the internet. Works fine. You must run audio separately.
The only issue you might run into is color space. DVI has a slightly smaller color space than HDMI, so with certain combinations of players and TV's you might run into black level clipping issues (it'll appear as black blocks during dark parts of movies).

I was using a DVI -> HDMI adapter with my tv, but it didn't work out.
There's boatloads of both adaptors and 1-piece HDMI/DVI cables out there, so pick one that meets your price critera and have at it.